What is a myth?


A myth can be a widely held, but incorrect assumption.

A myth can be a story of how a people came into being. Of how a tribe moved from one coast to another and settled into the country you were born in today.

A myth can be about why your God has given you divine right to be the king of your village.

Most importantly. Myths are stories.

Stories which expand and sometimes limit the possibilities of our reality. I started this blog as a way to just have a place to share my thoughts, my stories. My views on the world and the society around me, as well as my vision for it and myself.


So I guess you could call me a story teller.

But when I think about telling stories I don’t want to limit myself to just the words that you read on a screen or the music that you hear in your ear. I want to have a more diverse and multi-dimensional approach to the way I tell stories. I want to tell stories that excite the eyes as well as please the ears. Across this website you’ll be able to access the type of creative work I do: stories, poetry, articles, songs and so much more!


And in 2019, I’m kicking it up a notch, so stick around and remember: our reality is only limited by the the things we think, the ideas we have and the stories we tell.



UPDATE: This 2019 has been a ride. And no doubt, I’ve done so much more than I ever thought I would! It’s been a time for growing pains and enriching experiences! I’ll be posting more so standby!