this song is a double entendre playing on the strong feelings i have for marijuana and a woman.

the way in which i switch out a few letters of the song’s title when spitting the chorus represents the dual nature of my desires.

the chorus’ dull repetitive manner highlights the monotony and monogamy that i experience with these two things in my life:

mamma[mami]amaria =i only have feelings for this one girl

mamma[maria]mamia =and i only smoke weed, and do no other drugs.

these feelings push me to later ask her to leave earth and join me on an intergalactic journey.

yeah. im that nigga.

the song starts with me professing the relief i feel when able to express myself through music, through rhythm, at times when i feel like talking is not enough; there’s something orgasmic about it.

these words act as doorways, out my clouded membrane,

convey what i mean when i couldn’t speak up


the things on            my mind           when i              rhyme

and it’s evident

there is also significance in the word fog, pointing to refernces of smoke and creative blocks. when i light up i am more receptive to the ideas that flow through my mind, i grasp at the musical strands of thought faster, in other words, i write better high.

                   there is of course a downside

giphy (1)

but that’s for another post.


L I S T E N:



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