.africa is not a place, but a home

.this article contains explicit language.

.due discrestion should be taken



I bet you think that sounds like something a Morgan Freeman-ass nigga made up while sitting on a wooden stool.

No, my nigga, that was a white man that gave you that name, that gave you that label you boast proudly as “Africans”


\wake up


They broke into our house, taking anything and mostly everything of value, erased our identities but not our bodies. (Oh no! They kept our precious black bodies) And they buried the true story of the “ones of burnt face”* deep underground.


Replacing it with the narrative you know now.


Understand that the Africa we now occupy, the one that exists in your reality…

Is not the Africa that could’ve been, given a natural course of things.


Understand that at one point it was an African emperor who was the richest person in world history.

Understand that there is evidence of Africans making astrological studies far before the Greeks.

Understand that Africans. Black people. Built the pyramids. No seriously. Tutankhamen was black. Ancient Egyptians were black. Seriously look it up.


            There is even evidence that Africans sailed to America before Christopher Columbus.




The Africa we know now is a vehicle stripped of its gleaming exterior. Now left only with a rusty engine.

We were a people who built kingdoms that lasted thousands of years.

We built monuments greater than The Great Wall, than the Eiffel Tower. Than fucking Big Ben. But we don’t know this because our history was taken from us.



As a result, families, entire tribes and villages were split. Empires that had lasted generations, were eradicated and demoted to the memories of tourists and the “oohs” and “ahhs” of visitors to British museums. Carefully placed under the guise of “artifacts” from heroic expeditions. These expeditions would turn into the slave trade, crystallizing Africa and its people as sub-human with the advent of colonialism.


Africa is now a continent that suffers from brain-drain, the mass immigration of both skilled and unskilled human capital into the West in search for opportunities and freedoms which their home country lack. And this because they have sold themselves to us as the desirable race, as the better way of living life, naturally the West is more technologically advanced. And they do have a better degree of social organization. The US has one of the most profound legal systems in the world, as does Canada. But why do we look up to their “sky” and “ignore our own soil?”


African countries are now also facing new threats, a new type of foreign invasion. From the Far East; the Chinese buying our copper and selling it back to us at a premium. Tanzanians importing architects to create structures in the image of Malaysian cities. Neglecting the architectural visions that Africans could bring to their own environments! And this isn’t the only form of socio-economic entrapment. Governments have been reported to have bought off toxic waste from Western countries: collecting huge compensation in exchange for dumping that shit in our waters, burying it underground.

The ground that our children and their children will live and die on. Whether this toxic waste will be the cause of the latter is up to the future to reveal.


Africa has also chased away it’s children.

Because it can’t bear the weight of a people that want what it cannot give.

Those of us who force ourselves to live outside in to the unwelcoming environments of the white western world in search of a better life?

They wear the crown of “second class citizen”.


A crown which holds no respect nor power.


Otherwise known as the diaspora, these people of color move to primarily western countries in search of education, work, filled with false opportunities of quick wealth or the easy life. Because as the story goes, the roads are paved with yellow brick roads. Milk and honey pool at the end of the streets and blah blah blah blah.


>Remember. Life is a myth.


Do you see how deep this trauma goes?

That people can come to your land, take your shit, call you nothing and have you accept it?  Then turn around and sell you back to you for a profit?


And not only that, years down the line, we kiss their asses and masturbate to their pornography. We buy into their narrations of how the world is supposed to work, we gobble their food without knowing how to cook our own, watch their films, fall in love with their women.

I have heard young African men, so deeply deluded by the white-washed mirage of western standards of beauty boldly claim that “black girls aren’t their type”, claiming that their features are too masculine, that they barely have any hair, and that their natural hair is ugly, a mess. And it is those same black boys that will turn around and laugh at a girl straightening her hair, or getting a weave she can barely afford to maintain well and for long periods of time. And on the topic of black hair, a memory from secondary school jumps to mind.

When one of my classmates combing his hair, our white English (he’d tell you Irish) felt that it was appropriate to ask why he was combing his hair if he didn’t have any.


Naturally he did, but it was a closely shaven brush cut, which to the untrained colonial eye would seem non-existent.

With exchanges like these it’s no surprise that white people often miss the mark in race relations. They don’t see us as equally human. They see the black existence as something that doesn’t even make sense so much so that our hair.


Truly this man was a great intellectual, and some of the life lessons he shared stick with me to this day, but still. White boy was wilding.


So, amidst all of this.

What can we do?

How can we turn the tide?

How can we reverse racism(LOL)

How do we get back what was stolen?


The truth is we can’t. Just like how we can’t be racist towards white people, we can’t go back to the way that we were, we have inherited their ways: their way of speaking. We’ve even inherited their ways of disrespecting our fellow blacks.


Ironically, my solution is one that sees us going back, rather than forward.


The first is backwards immigration, and this is not a new concept, one of its most notable advocate was Marcus Garvey, an African American who saw the West for what it was, a bird’s nest to the fish.

Backwards immigration entails the diaspora returning to Africa. To be amongst people and culture that celebrate them, not just when its profitable. With this Africa would see massive amounts of human capital adding back to the economy, bringing new skills, new ideas but of course new challenges:

The problem with this proposition is that it doesn’t understand that Diaspora are often seen as aliens themselves in their own country, they’re seen as off-black if there’s such a thing. That they are people to be taken advantage of because of their access to the dollar or the pound.

On top of that, what are they returning to? They are certainly returning to “less”; African countries do not have the same level of resources and services available to them as are available in the UK and the US. I am essentially asking refugees to return to destroyed homes. And that isn’t fair. African states are barely able to provide for the entirety of their people: 70% of Nigerians live below the poverty line, that number is only slightly lower for Zambia and sits depressingly at 10% more for Zimbabwe.


The second solution is to make Africa a strengthened union. A continental community.

With one currency, free trade and freedom of movement under a single and universal passport.

We DON’T erase our already established customs or cultures…you know the ones white people erase from the history books…but that they take back burner to our continental obligation as Africans. This means, for example South African educators would be able to move more freely to other places to provide higher quality education. Or that sick Gambian children would be able to afford cheaper medicines which could be easily transported from neighboring countries.


Which is to say that resources and expertise could be shared more easily than it is now. This type of formation would match the EU.


One major problem with this is that it would further squeeze Africans into a box we already sit in uncomfortably together (look at how Egypt and Tunisia barely consider themselves African, but they’ll play in AFCON and be proud to call themselves best African team in the world then). This proposal would be sure to meet heavy opposition, namely presidents and other governmental officials who would not want to relinquish power and be made subservient to a greater authority.


Another problem goes back to technical and sociological development.

The EU, America, Canada, these are similarly structured political entities which showcase a significant level of social and technological development. America already had a stable railway system before they joined up their states under one flag.


The EU was made because Europe wanted to be able to make it easier to trade coal and other natural resources. They already had mechanisms in place to make these exchanges easy. Established trade routes on land and sea. Better working transport systems etc.


This type of development will not happen overnight. Maybe not even in my lifetime. But the work starts now. We need to invest in our future more than we invest in our hair or our closet.


What use is 5 Hermes belts when your home village never knew how electricity felt.


To conclude, there is a hunger in me to see my continent where it could have been, like where it once was. I want to see our countries, Ghana, Zambia, Nigeria, Congo, Ivory Coast shed their post-colonial weights and soar to true freedom. Beyond the shackles of the dollar sign and an IGCSE.


I want reparations.

I want apologies.


But most of all I want every single one of you of African descent ready to carry each other into the new dawn of our civilization. Knowing that you are descendants from kings and queens and scholars, priests, emperors and empresses.


Know that the system is a MYTH.

It is a fallacy.

It is a white man’s dream.


And I will not rest until we all wake up.


Beep Beep motherfuckers.



ones of burnt face= “Ethiopian”, the ancient greek word for black people.

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