.run your race

There are certain questions every sober minded intellectual should ask themselves:

Who am I?

Where is my place?

What is my purpose in existence?

For many generations many philosophers and great scholars have told us these important questions to help each individual unlock the “self”. Each individual has a journey.

Every individual has a place in this world

Every individual has a family,

Most of all every individual is a Master of Self. You just have to unlock it!


“I am Free, Free to be, Free thought, Free emotion, Free will of action.

I am Free, Free to be, Who God truly made me.

Today I am a cloud; I float wherever the wind blows me.

Freedom is my name! Born I was made to be!”

If I had the choice to be anyone else, I would still choose myself. I am not perfect; on the contrary, the important thing is that “I LOVE MYSELF”. And that is perfect for me!

*Finding Home*

Home is a feeling not a place. Many are the times I have felt like a stranger in a building that is, for that specific purpose, meant to be home. Home is not a building, a collection or arrangement of stones, a living room with a modern television. Home is a feeling that I have experienced in the midst of loved ones, regardless the place geographically. The people that I love, the people that love me, an ever-growing family. Simple logic demands that home is where one’s family is. Where there is love, a home will always be built.

*Beauty is Me*

Before you continue reading this paragraph, ask yourself this crucial question: Am I beautiful?

If the answer is yes, note down five little reasons why you believe that you are, indeed, beautiful.

Rather, if the answer is no, discontinue immediately with this type of mindset because it is unhealthy for the body and soul. True beauty comes from within, the way I genuinely feel about myself. There is beauty in every little thing in creation. The sweetest feeling I get is when I whisper in my own ear these few words:


Open your inner eye and gaze at your ever shinning beauty.

To my sizeable intellect, I have realized that life is a race. You and I both know that a race has to be run and eventually won by a skilled runner. I see my life as a race and myself being the skilled runner. I haven’t won the race yet. The only thing I do is to forget what is behind me, my past, which is the start of my race. I forget my errors, my mistakes, my ignorance, my insecurities, my doubts, my cowardice in times of strength, my selfishness in times of kindness, my hate in times of love. I forget my failures, which are behind of me and do my absolute best to reach the successes and rewards which lie ahead. So I run, straight toward the goal in order to win the prize.


I run, I run, I run

One step, two step, three step

I run, step, by step, by step

I run straight toward the goal

Day, by day, by day, by day

Straight toward the goal, to win the prize

Which is the calling of the Most High





-Lupandu Chiyaka