I know that I’ve been ghost for a while with no posts and especially no reason why. So this is my attempt at explaining. From here on out, I’ll be more consistent with my posts, using this blog as a more personal and intimate space, than any other of social media profiles. I’m also still writing for More Branches (which recently launched it’s first musical festival!!) so stay tuned. There’s a lot coming.

I’ve been ghost because I’ve picked up a lot more responsibilities as of late, with my assessments, and first ever job, which I kept over Christmas and been head down in my producing-which I’m getting a lot better at. In fact, I’m actually about to release a beat tape called “2Mush” as an apology to a fellow creative friend who’s been pushing me to release new music.

And release I shall: I have a lot lined up for the upcoming year, plenty of features and a prospective show courtesy of Save Yourself, a local Brighton collective that’s doing great things, which I’m happy to be a part of;

(and some other stuff in the pipeline.)

I’m also getting a better idea of what I want to do for my masters-having come to the realization that law is not for me. Rather, multimedia journalism, or media practice is what my eyes are currently set on. I think my love for words, can be best used as a writer, and above all. I’m proud to call myself that. I certainly see myself as a writer and in that, a story-teller.

So that’s my mood from here on out.

As a story-teller.

Oh and by the way, Happy Holidays!