Support Sunday: Episode 4 – Chisanga David

Another great highlight from Wenguss Khan

Wenguss Khan

Good afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to the fourth instalment of my “Support Sunday” series, looking at the promising young talent Zambia (and beyond) has to offer!

So far, we’ve had a dancer, a music producer, and of course a rapper, but today’s creative is a little bit of everything. Allow me to formally introduce you to Chisanga David – a Zambian skateboarder who also dabbles in photography, vlogging, and art & graphic design. He has no limits, and is determined to challenge the perspective that having different traditionally unpopular interests (like skateboarding in Africa) is a waste of time. That being said, he is an enthusiastic supporter of fellow skateboarders and people with what we can call “alternative” interests.


Being only 20 years of age, Chisanga’s interest in and skateboarding developed at an early age, “I’ve been skateboarding for 9 years and still going” he said. “

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