Support Sunday Season 2: Episode 2 – k.wame

Humbled that Wengo would write about me

Wenguss Khan

Support Sunday Season 2 continues!

We’re back again my people, and your Support Sunday creative this week is another West African representative. From the “Gold Coast” (Ghana), allow me to introduce you to the multi-skilled, k.wame!

k.wame (a play on the name Kwame, of course) is a musician, blogger, and creative freelancer who seeks to, “bring a new age narrative and aesthetic to what it means to be African.” This is a sentiment he is extremely passionate about and channels throughout his work, particularly on his blog ( The first piece I ever read of his was titled, “.africa is not a place, but a home”, shared by a mutual friend on Facebook. It was an incredibly unapologetic take on how Africa’s legacy is (and has been) suppressed throughout human history. He challenged traditional narratives that led to our beautiful Mother Land being labelled, “the Dark…

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