.coloring book plays subversively in the back.

What’s good guys?

Hope everyone’s keeping well and keeping strong.

I, on the other hand in traditional fashion, am hypocritically doing neither.

My finals are coming up and I am swamped with work because I put everything to the last minute. Meaning that I’ve had to call off a lot of obligations snd projects, all of which I was ecstatic to do. They’ve been postponed more than called off anyway. And I see it that way because I don’t like to leave things unfinished, I’m melodramatic like that.

(Thank you mummy)

I carry the philosophy that no matter how long it takes, the things I want to do and gotta do will always get done.

This goes for building up and establishing the two creative ventures I started in recent months. One was brought into unexpected jeopardy when my co founder quit on me. Making it feel like my failings with Atori Grove. Which just dropped a new mixtape btw!


Though I’ve stopped calling myself an entrepreneur because I know entrepreneurs and I am not one.

It also goes for finishing university no matter how hard and impossible it’s been, notwithstanding the amazing support I’ve had from my friends, family and partner


Anyway, this was just a little moment of clarity, of air, before I submerge again to finish this degree. I’m slowly learning how to manage my time better, how to better maintain good relationships with people I care about, how to respect my obligations, being on time, being prepared etc…

And it’s not easy, the last piece I reposted by an amazing friend will give you an idea of the other difficulties that come with adulting.

Which is a full on word now, idc what you say.

And with adulting comes the freedom to do whatever you want, and work wherever you want, with whoever you want on whatever you want!

Yet, this statement shouldn’t be taken as absolute truth, it still a realness for me because right now, I’m working on being a better person as an adult, than I was as a kid.




I didn’t know which GIF to pick, so I decided to use all of them.





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