Here’s a short improvisation I produced about two mornings ago.

Initially it was supposed to be sampled from this video.

But inspiration fell flat as I struggled to find the right melodies, that wouldn’t seem too obvious.

Then I found a software instrument called the Karimba Morph, which was most likely designed the after mbira, an African musical instrument.

The beat is melancholic yet serene, with strong and layered melodies that flow into one another, but still, give the beat time to ‘catch its breath’ at different points.

On analysis of the instrumental and my creative process, I draw parallels with the tensions that lie between Africa’s poverty and the beauty in its natural, simplistic ways of life, untarnished by modernism. But also, the conceptual jumps I had to make to draw out these conclusions made me reflect on the internal tensions between my Ghanaian-African heritage and identity, and my post-modern/millennial worldviews.

So I thought I’d retain the cultural significance of the creative process that took place, deciding that “.botswana” is the perfect name. I just haven’t found the perfect cover art.

I’m really proud of how it turned out, please give it a listen and let me know what you think!

Originally shared on The Dots UK, find my profile here.