.4 hours

I did some calculations and it turns out, seeing as I am now working a full time job, from Monday to Friday, I have only 4 hours each day, at a minimum to do what I want, i.e. producing, smoking weed, spending time with family, whatever.


What this conclusion led me to believe was that there isn’t enough time in life to waste it on doing something you aren’t passionate about.


Hell, if you’re passionate about making money and don’t care how you make it, great, bravo, well done.


However, if money isn’t the end goal for you, then you’re like me who can’t stand the idea of giving most of my waking hours working in an environment, at a position that doesn’t stimulate or satisfy me. I would probably have a steady income sure, be able to pay my bills and buy my favourite food, but what does that mean if the only time i get to really live the life i want is in my dreams, where I can do all that, plus working at something I am passionate about.


And for me, the difficulty is that I am passionate about different creative fields. I love to rap, I love making music videos and editing them, I like starring in them as well. Photography is another passing passion of mine, oh and drawing. I fucking love a good doddle m8.


So where does that leave me with 4 hours per week? When I need 10,000 to become great at something?? Let’s not even count the weekends, but if you were to, that would leave you with about maybe 8 more hours? Another calculation found that it would take 3 hours a day to get to that 10,000 hour mark. That’s NINE YEARS. If you want to master something it seems that it’ll take you a lot longer if you were to try mastering different things at once.

It’s a lesson I learnt way too late. But the lesson’s learnt. I’m gonna focus primarily on mastering my writing and music, and then after that I’ll get to my other passions.


So if you know any singers, rappers, video game creators, vloggers whoever needs audio content for their creative work. Tell them to hit me up.

Below are the different flavours of beats I can make. You’ll find more on my SoundCloud


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