‘Do you feel it yet?’

Zabib looked up and blinked furiously before looking Toffic dead in the eye and firmly shaking is head, pursing his lips in disappointment .

‘I don’t get it man, I googled it and someone on the internet said 40 to 50 minu-.’

‘- how long’s it been? Fifteen?’

‘No, ‘Bib it’s been two hours.’

They both sighed, and looked back at the muted video flickering across the laptop screen.

‘Shit.’ They held in unison.

Toffic unmuted the video , causing them to be greeted by a blast of sub bass, hi-hats, shimmery synths and a layered mesh of vocals. It took Toffic about an 8th of second to put the video back on mute, but not before winning an had irritated look on his friend’s face. As for Zabib, he had eased back into the ancient couch sitting centrally in his aunty’s living room.

She had left the house for the day and would only be back later that weekend.

‘Isn’t it weird that your aunty looks the same age as us?’, Toffic asked.

‘Nah man, we’re like teenagers, she looks like she’s in her late twenties.’

Toffic glanced shly to the ground, keeping his profane thoughts to himself.

‘I know what you’re thinking anyway’, he said, pushing off the sofa as if it were a launch pad. As he started walking towards the kitchen he slowed his movements and came to halt but not before he whinged of feeling lightheaded.

He looked down to the floor, feeling his body become heavier and the air more light; not dense, like they had been submerged in water, but more like his grandmother’s house had been shot into space; the walls felt further way, He looked over his body clinically wondering whether what he was feeling was real or in his head.


Yes he’d heard of them. But after what felt like an eternity,  he spoke in slurry anxious excitement:

‘ I feel something.’

Toffic threw a barrage of questions, in hopes to unbox the key to his own high.  ‘What? Where? Are you seeing colors? When did it hit you? How did it hit you?’

‘Nah man, calm yourself’, he spoke shakily, ‘I’m not seeing anything but I feel heavy and lightheaded.. ‘Yo! I need to sit down!’

Toffic now having sat up as, eyes wide in elation, ushered his friend towards the couch.