The Love Tapes:

To announce the release of my first EP, I decided to write a blog post to cover what the tape is about: Self-awareness. Which by extension is about self love.

Self-love is an often overlooked and undervalued facet of love (the wider theme of the volumes that my music will be exploring).

The first song was written as a reminder to myself that to live the life that I want, I need to do what I need to do. Which isn’t always fun or won’t always ben my passion. But I suck at following my own advice so wish me luck.


The message is about getting out there and securing the bag.

“Dreaming alone does not pay for the water or lighting, igniting devices you life with.”

The second song was written by me and performed by the lovely and talented @gracetheartistThe song follows the themes about self-awarness when it discusses problems I have, problems I have inherited and grown up with. The song doesn’t really offer a solution but rather ends on a bit of a cliffhanger as to how I’m gonna solve them.

The third song perhaps closer to the first, is about responsibilities.

About avoiding them. So throughout the beginning of the song, you hear the attitude of a man who doesn’t have a care in the world. But by the end of the first part, a triggering moment forces him to face the realities of the world that he has tried to avoid; nevertheless the ending of the song is criticizing the weighty responsibilities AND expectations we as individuals are “required” to take charge of.

This song was the influence for the cover art which reflects the wider sentiments and themes across the whole tape.


All in all, the tape may seem like it’s uncompleted, because I guess I am not done falling in love with myself. Because there are things I am still working on and thus falling in and out of love with.




Artwork by the talented @feoisugly.



Stay tuned for more.



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